How to set up a slipper shop! (physical and virtual)

How to set up a slipper shop! (physical and virtual)

When we think of business models that have a high chance of success, opening a store is often one of the first options that come to our mind. Which is natural, since we always have to go to these businesses to buy the items we use in our daily lives.

In this context, given the growth of the sector, an increasing number of people have sought to learn about the necessary procedures for opening a successful flip-flop store. With that in mind, we prepared this content to inform you about this topic. Read the article and find out how to set up a flip-flops store, whether physical or virtual!

How to set up a physical slipper Flip flop store

It is undeniable that a physical store for flip-flops is a more traditional and well-known model. After all, customers are already used to heading to this type of business whenever they need to buy something. In addition, there are many people who — even without a strong interest in purchasing something — end up making a purchase after seeing a quality product in a window, or when making a carefree visit to the store aisle.

It is necessary to emphasize, however, that the opening of this type of business demands some very important care. Read on and check out some examples.Have a business planOne of the most relevant points when we think about starting a company is the business plan. Of course, slipper stores are no exception to this rule.This is because the business plan is like a map that indicates the path the store needs to follow in order to grow in a healthy way, and thus present good results over time.although thisdocument is not definitive, and can be adjusted over time, ideally it should be prepared as complete as possible. 

The business plan needs to present — for example — the initial investment required to open the store, the average time it takes for the store to deliver returns, its growth prospects and the rate of profit that can be earned over time.Taking these facts into consideration, we can say that studying the structure of a business plan is an essential care for anyone who wants to learn how to set up a flip-flop store.

Choose a suitable areaAnother important point, when we talk about the opening of a flip-flop store, is the region in which it will be opened. Which is natural, since this factor makes a big difference in the development of the business.

The entrepreneur should keep in mind that less crowded areas tend to have a cheaper rent. But this advantage can be mitigated by the lower number of a regionvery busy, the store can make sales more easily. But in this case, rent costs will be higher. A situation that, in some cases, can weigh too much on the business’s cash flow, thus making its operation unfeasible.For this reason, it is up to the entrepreneur to analyze the situation well and thus choose a place that provides him with an adequate flow of customers, but with a price that actually fits his budget.

Ask for the necessary authorizationsEven if, in the beginning, the entrepreneur sets up a small slipper shop, it is still a company. Which means that you need to follow the rules, imposed by the state, and ask for the necessary authorizations both from the city hall – from the city where the store must be opened – and from the Fire Department.In addition, the store must be registered with the commercial board and with federal and municipal agencies, so that the store owner can issue invoices and pay taxes.If this care is left aside, the entrepreneur may be surprised by thevisit by inspectors who, in addition to closing the store, can fine it. For this reason, the ideal is for the entrepreneur to strictly follow the necessary processes for opening the business.Invest in marketing campaignsAnother fundamental care – but which unfortunately is often ignored by people who want to know how to set up a flip-flop store – is the creation of a marketing plan. This is because it is precisely through this plan that people will get to know the store and get to it.In this context, the use of social networks and advertising tools – such as Google ADS – can make a big difference. 

Because, through them, the store reaches a greater number of people who can reach the business.Depending on price, quality and exclusivity conditions — offered by the slipper store — the use of such tools can even compensate for a less busy commercial point.How to open an online slipper storeUnlike a physical store, virtual storesthey don’t have to deal with the expenses related to maintaining a physical space to receive their customers, which ends up reducing their costs.In addition, as this type of business can serve people from all over the country, it is an interesting model for anyone who wants to open a flip-flop store.It is necessary to take into account, however, that, as with physical stores, virtual stores also need to seek the appropriate authorizations — issued by Organs responsible bodies — and prepare an efficient marketing plan.Read on and find out how to set up this type of store!register a domainUnlike a physical business, an online store is not located on a street. Your address and the domain of the website on which it is hosted. Therefore, this domain needs to be chosen very carefully. Ideally, it should be short and easy to remember, so users can easily type it in and access the online store.

Although there are free domains, and platformsthat offer a domain to their users, these types of digital addresses usually have extensions that negatively affect the credibility of the business in relation to the customer, as they present little professionalism.For this reason, the ideal is for the entrepreneur — who wants to know how to set up a flip-flops store — to invest in a domain with a .com or extension.

Choose a platformTo set up an online flip-flops store, the entrepreneur needs to offer specific functions to customers — such as product pages, shopping carts and payment methods. Such functions are part of the platform used by the business.Since the entire user experience with the store is done through this platform, it needs to be intuitive enough for users to navigate through it easily. In addition, it must have quality and be well configured, so that errors do not slow down pages.Taking these facts into account, we can say that theThe choice of platform directly affects the results of the flip-flops online store. With that in mind, we’ve separated some of the tools most used by online retailers to help you make that choice. 

Follow up!Wordpress;Magento;WooCommerce.

Have an organized inventoryWhen the entrepreneur sets up an online store for flip-flops, he does not need to invest in a physical space to receive customers.

 Despite this fact, the shopkeeper still needs a well-structured place to store his stock.This space must present conditions so that the flip-flops are organized and protected until the moment they are sold and sent to the customer.Invest in SEOSearch Engine Optimization — SEO — can be described as a set of practices developed in order to position pages of websites and blogs among the first results in search engines, such as Google.Thanks to this reality, we can say that this tool is indispensable for an online flip flops. After all, by making use of it, the business can receive daily visits from countless potential customers.

Since a well-structured SEO strategy needs to take into account a number of factors, ideally, 

it should be developed and implemented by a specialized person.The importance of a quality supplierIn order for a store, whether physical or virtual, to remain in operation, it needs to have access to quality products at a price that fits within its budget. Slipper stores are no exception to this rule.

This is why a qualified supplier, capable of maintaining a steady flow of goods, is so important. Without this support, stores could end up running out of supplies, which would obviously prevent them from operating.In addition, the quality of the slippers, delivered by the supplier and the way he treats the deadlines, previously agreed with the store, make all the difference.

What is natural once you sellPoorly durable slippers can negatively affect a store’s image. Not to mention the inconvenience that delays in deliveries can cause.For these reasons, the entrepreneur — interested in how to set up a slipper store — needs to be careful to research the history of a manufacturer, and the opinion of other people who bought from him, before closing any contract.In this context, Arte Chinelos — which has been on the market since 2015 — emerges as a relevant solution. 

Known for its competence, for the unique design of its flip-flops and for the quality of its products, the company is ready to supply elegant and durable flip-flops and sandals throughout Brazil.

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