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Outsourcing your product.

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Private label slippers Flip flops

We produce your brand of slippers

We produce slippers with your Brand.
We produce exclusive models for your product line.
We close an agreement to use our prints with your logo or develop your flip-flop collection.
We have enough technology to develop your product from start to finish customizing all the factors.

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Escalating business.

Pattern development

We have a qualified team to develop your prints quickly and effectively.

Sales management

Cloud software to support licensed product sales

Production of own brand of slippers

Our work is based on more than 6 years of experience, with more than 3000 orders delivered throughout Brazil and abroad.


Best Seller Award for Quality of Service

Team ready

Qualified professionals for a service to help in the development of your flip-flops brand.

Quality services

Integrated systems for the best service. We develop custom applications to automate your business model.

Cutting edge technology

We take the quality standard of the final product seriously.

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Commitment to the customer

High-scale production
We have the capacity to produce your product to scale business
Better quality

We have two options for your company to advance in the market. We produce flip flops with 90% rubber.

Unlimited color prints
Own technology to print slippers with 100% digital printing and no color limit.
Produced Brands
Years of experience
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Private label with quality

We produce your brand of slippers

Click on each style for a detailed view. We can customize any of these styles to your exact specifications, colors, logos, prints and materials.


Your customer is our focus

Realize that many companies, big or small, want to brand their logos and designs.

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Shall we schedule a presentation?

Online presentation about our products and company

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We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you never imagined and achieve results that unite what is with what can be.

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